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Common uses of hydraulic tools in industry.


The most widespread use of hydraulic tools is in the field of emergency rescue. However, hydraulic breaking tools were mainly used in the industrial field when they were first designed and manufactured, and they still serve the industrial industry today. In order to help you have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of hydraulic breaking tools, today Xiaobian will introduce the common industrial uses of hydraulic tools.

Automobile welding spot detection
The hydraulic products for industrial use are characterized by high frequency of use and long load time. The full set of automotive welding spot detection products are designed for the high frequency and long time of industrial use environment, and have been widely used in the production line of major vehicle manufacturers.

Recycling of waste industrial products for shearing use
LUKAS 'industrial snippers are also widely used in the industry where waste industrial products (such as automobiles, cables, household appliances, etc.) need to be cut and sorted after recycling. This kind of industrial shears can meet the requirements of high shear frequency, strong shear performance and good product durability.

Heavy materials and large equipment after lifting maintenance use
When lifting materials need to move, or the large equipment in the factory needs to be repaired after a period of time, the repair position often appears at the bottom of the equipment, then it is necessary to use the hydraulic cylinder to jack up the equipment before there is enough space to repair. LUKAS offers hydraulic cylinders with a maximum lifting tonnage of 1,100 tons, which can easily handle jacking operations on a variety of large equipment.

Special purpose

Some industrial chimneys cannot be demolished by conventional blasting methods, so hydraulic expander is used to systematically demolish the inner walls of chimneys.

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