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Established in 2017, EMEADS has quickly become a respected name in China's hydraulic tool industry. We focus on precision technology translates into a wide range of reliable, high-performance tools. EMEADS offers more than just crimping pliers, our product line includes cable cutters, punching machines, jacks, and hydraulic pullers. With over 40 patents and products undergoing a rigorous 150,000 cycle test, EMEADS prioritizes quality and innovation.  Our commitment is reflected in our competitively priced tools, making us a valuable partner for any project requiring hydraulic equipment.

The EMEADS pipe bender, a tool seemingly simple in design, plays a crucial role in plumbing and metalworking.  Benders allow you to shape pipes, such as copper or steel, into precise angles and bends, ensuring a clean and functional plumbing system. They prevent kinks and breaks that can compromise water flow and system integrity.

EMEADS Pipe benders aren't limited to plumbing.  In the hands of a creative mind, they can be used to shape metal for furniture, railings, and even sculptures.

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Pipe bender manufacturers and suppliers in China - EMEADS. In good faith management, quality first principle, hope to cooperate with all businesses, create a better future. You can rest assured to buy newest, high quality and durable Pipe bender in a low price from us. We also support customized products and price list.We have an experienced professional team and have always adhered to the concept of customer first, serving customers with a fast and professional attitude.
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