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Crimp connection and its advantages.


The so-called crimping, is at room temperature, so that more than two metal objects contact, do not have to apply heat or chemical energy for the metal, just apply mechanical pressure, until the metal plastic deformation, and the formation of metal organization integration of the combination process, called crimping connection.

The process of crimping was published by an American company in 1880, during the First World War, mainly to meet the requirements of aircraft manufacturing, crimping is a process of pressure to make the connected conductors form a long water connection.

What are the characteristics of high quality crimping:
The crimped metal connection has a low contact resistance
The crimped metal connection, after tensile test, will not be pulled loose or pulled apart

Its main advantages are:
No increase in resistance due to corrosion
Good electrical contact
High temperature and low temperature resistance
High mechanical strength of connection
The process is simple and easy to automate

Good environmental protection, no pollution

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