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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic tools


Hydraulic Crimping Tool include hydraulic wrench, electric pump for hydraulic wrench, hydraulic jack, hydraulic bolt tensioner, hydraulic flange separator, hydraulic nut cutter, hydraulic puller, etc. Hydraulic Crimping Tool have the advantages of high efficiency and convenience. Hydraulic Crimping Tool are prone to leakage, low transmission efficiency, and sensitivity to temperature.
Advantages of Hydraulic Crimping Tool
1. Generally, mineral oil is used as the working medium, and the relative moving surface can be lubricated by itself, so the service life is long.
2. Light weight, small size, small motion inertia and fast response.
3. Various components of hydraulic transmission can be conveniently and flexibly arranged according to needs.
4. It can realize overload protection automatically.
5. It is easy to operate and control, and can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation (speed regulation range up to 2000:1).
6. It is easy to realize linear motion.
7. It is easy to realize the automation of the machine. When the electro-hydraulic joint control is adopted, not only a higher degree of automatic control process can be realized, but also remote control can be realized.
Disadvantages of Hydraulic Crimping Tool
1. Leakage is easy to occur: the oil pressure of the hydraulic system is high, and the hydraulic oil is easy to leak through the seal or the gap, causing the consumption of the hydraulic medium and causing environmental pollution.
2. Low transmission efficiency: During the energy transmission process of hydraulic transmission, there is often a lot of energy loss (pressure loss and flow loss, etc.), which makes the transmission efficiency low.
3. The transmission ratio is inaccurate: due to factors such as the compressibility of the transmission medium, leakage and elastic deformation of the pipeline, the hydraulic system cannot be strictly controlled.

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