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How the multifunctional hydraulic crimp tool works


Multifunctional Hydraulic Crimping Tool is composed of oil tank, power mechanism, reversing valve, pressure relief valve and oil pump mechanism. The oil pump mechanism consists of oil pump body, high and low pressure oil outlet holes, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear and a pair of Composed of a high pressure oil pump and a low pressure oil pump, the oil pump body is suspended on the fuel tank cover, the high and low pressure oil outlet holes are opened on the oil pump body, connected with the pressure relief valve oil circuit, the eccentric shaft is vertically arranged, and the upper end is pivoted on the oil pump body The center and the lower end are fixed with eccentric bearings. The driven gear is fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft and connected with the power mechanism. The pump cavity of the oil pump communicates with the high and low pressure oil outlet holes respectively. The connection between the pumping mechanism and the power mechanism is vertical, which can make full use of the space and reduce the occupied area, which is conducive to operation and transportation; the pumping form of the high and low pressure oil pumps is changed to the actuation form of the eccentric bearing, which has a structural The advantages of simplicity, few parts and easy assembly.
Hydraulic Crimping Tool
Hydraulic Crimping Tool are professional hydraulic tools specially used for crimping cables and terminals in electric power engineering. There are integral type, split type, electric type, manual type and so on.
Hydraulic Crimping Tool are divided into separate/integral cable Hydraulic Crimping Tool, mechanical cable wiring pliers, steel core cable Hydraulic Crimping Tool, manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool, electro-Hydraulic Crimping Tool, etc.

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