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Introduction of Battery Hydraulic Crimping Pipe Tool


Battery Hydraulic Crimping Pipe Tool is a professional metal pipe joint, wire joint and cable joint processing equipment, also known as battery hydraulic crimping pipe tool. This tool usually consists of an electric hydraulic pump, a hydraulic chuck, a chuck mold, etc. It uses hydraulic power to achieve fixation and sealing by compressing metal pipes, wires or cables together.

The main function of the Battery Hydraulic Crimping Pipe Tool is to process metal pipes, wires and cable joints into pipes, terminal blocks, and wire harnesses with their own bayonet, as well as appropriate sealing and fixing functions to meet the needs of various industries, construction, aerospace, needs in shipping and other fields. This kind of tool has been widely used in modern manufacturing due to its advantages such as firm clamping parts that are not easy to fall off, good sealing, low contact resistance, and simple installation process. At the same time, Battery Hydraulic Crimping Pipe Tool also plays its unique functions in some special fields, such as constructing electrical connections, manufacturing water pipes, air pipes, oil pipes, manufacturing radiators, computer read-write head parts, etc.

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