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The 36th China International Hardware Fair


The 36th China International Hardware Fair has concluded, but the excitement continues. Zhejiang EMEADS Tools Co., Ltd. will join hands with the hardware and electromechanical enterprises to accelerate the construction of a manufacturing powerhouse, promoting the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the manufacturing industry.

Zhejiang EMEADS Tools Co., Ltd. is a high-quality hydraulic tool manufacturer, integrating design, manufacturing, and sales. We relentlessly pursue excellence in product quality, demanding strict requirements for production management to ensure that every EMEADS product undergoes rigorous testing before leaving the factory. EMEADS is dedicated to research and innovative application solutions in the field of stainless steel pipes, PEX pipes, copper pipes, fire pipes, and gas pipelines, providing premium products and services for sectors such as power, machinery, railways, construction, and shipping.

Our product line includes crimping series, scissors series, multi-function series, fittings series, fire rescue series, nut splitters series, drilling series, hydraulic pump/board processing machine series, infrastructure series, as well as hydraulic products like jacks and hydraulic presses. EMEADS is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive hydraulic solutions and the highest standard of quality and service.

EMEADS will continue to make significant contributions to the Chinese hardware industry, advancing towards the future of Chinese manufacturing.

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